WoW Token Price History Tracker

WoW Token Price History Tracker

Welcome to our tracker of WoW Token Prices. Here you can track the current WoW Token Price and explore WoW Token History (how the price changed over time).

This data is fetched in real-time from Official Blizzard API and all changes are dynamically pushed to you every minute without even reloading the page. That is why these values are always extremely accurate and with minute precision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are WoW Tokens?
WoW Token is an in-game item that players can buy for real money from Blizzard Shop and then sell it to other players which they can choose to redeem for WoW gold or Blizzard Balance to be added to their Blizzard account (to purchase in-game goods such as mounts, pets, etc. for WoW or other Blizzard games).
How WoW Tokens work?

It is very simple. Person A buys WoW Token from Blizzard (for real money). Then Person A sells this token for in-game gold to Person B on World of Warcraft Auction House.

Person A gets gold.
Person B gets 30 days of WoW Game Time/Blizzard Balance.

What can WoW Tokens be used for?
  • You can buy it with your real money and get WoW gold in return.
  • You can buy it with your WoW gold and get 30 days of Game Time (subscription).
  • You can buy it with your WoW gold and get Blizzard Balance.
What is the price of WoW Token in real money?

Token prices in Blizzard Shop are the following:

  • US - Americas & Oceania - $20 USD/$25 AUD.
  • EU - Europe - €20 EUR/£17 GBP.
  • CN - China - ¥75 CNY.
  • KR - Korea - ₩22,000 KRW.
  • TW - Taiwan - NT$500 TWD.
How much Blizzard Balance is redeemed from WoW Token?

You will get this amount of Blizzard Balance for each WoW Token you use:

  • US - Americas & Oceania - $15 USD/$17 AUD.
  • EU - Europe - €12.99 EUR/£9.99 GBP.

Please note that this option is not available in China, Korea, and Taiwan regions.

What determines WoW Token Price?

While the real money price of Token is fixed, the in-game gold price (how much are Tokens selling for) changes dynamically according to supply and demand. You can not choose how much do you want to sell it for - it is automatically determined by Blizzard's internal algorithm.

Fewer people buy it for real money / more people want to give their gold for it = less supply/more demand = Token's gold price rises.

More people buy it for real money / fewer people want to give their gold for it = more supply/less demand = Token's gold price falls.

However, Blizzard placed certain limits on how rapidly the price can fluctuate - approximately 3% per hour maximum. In other words, they do not want the Token's price to be able to rise and fall dramatically within a short period of time.

What if my WoW Token does not sell?
Your Token will always sell no matter what. Sometimes it just may take longer than usual. When you post your Token on Auction House, you are placed in line and you have to wait until all the Tokens of sellers before you will be bought by other players. Even though it is hard to tell how long does it take to sell WoW Token, the average sell time is less than 12 hours.
How to buy WoW Token for real money?
You can buy it only from the official Blizzard Shop with either real money or Blizzard Balance of your Blizzard account.
How to purchase WoW Token for in-game gold?
Visit Auction House and you will find it in a separate tab there ("Game Time").
How much WoW Token is worth in gold?
You can always check how much are WoW Tokens selling for and also explore the price history on this page. The conversion rate changes very often - be sure to keep an eye on it so you know when it is cheap to buy or profitable to sell.
How many WoW Tokens can you buy?
You can buy only 10 Tokens from Blizzard Shop per week. There is also a limit of 10 Tokens that you can have in your inventory at one time.