Arcane Mage Guide for WoW WotLK Classic PvE Raids

WotLK Phase 4Icecrown Citadel

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Best Arcane Mage WotLK Classic Build, Talents, Stat Priority, Gems, BiS gear, etc., ranked by their performance and popularity based on the latest Wrath of the Lich King Raid Logs from Icecrown Citadel.


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Easy mode choices summary for Arcane Mage

Talents for Arcane Mage


This guide covers all the essential parts of character optimization needed to maximize your DPS in Raids as Arcane Mage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the data come from?

Our guides are based on statistics. We use algorithms to process thousands of World of Warcraft Raid Logs (from Warcraft Logs) every day. By analyzing this Big Data from top parses we are able to precisely calculate what are World's Best Players using now.

How to use this guide?

We evaluate each item by their current Popularity among World First Guilds and Top Parsing Players since it's the safest way to tell the Meta. Also, be sure to use our boss filter when optimizing for different Raid Bosses.