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Putin invades Ukraine

On February 24, 2022, Putin's Russia started a full-scale military invasion of Ukraine, a sovereign country in Europe.

Ever since, Putin has been waging this senseless war against the Ukrainian people.

He will not give in until his delusional plans are fullfiled, namely ethnic cleansing, repression and genocide in Ukraine (source: Kremlin's 'final solution' manifesto ).

Today Europe and the whole world is puzzled: will he stop at Ukraine only...?

As of mid-April, Reuters reports that at least 46K people have been killed, 11M displaced from their homes, and over $565B inflicted in property damage.

Right now Russian military is bombing civilian houses and their troops are commiting atrocious war crimes.

But Putin made a fatal mistake by underestimating the fierce resistance of Ukrainian army, which continues to exterminate the invaders in thousands and thwarting their offensive.

Now you have the opportunity to help Ukrainians stand their ground while speeding up the fall of Putin's fascist regime and the liberation of the Russian people at the same time.

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